Welcome to my Modern deck analysis! This ongoing series takes a look at popular Modern decks, current and old, breaking down their key cards, what makes them work, and maybe some different ways you can change them up to make a variation that you like. Modern is one of the most popular formats for MTG and why that is, is because one, it’s an eternal format unlike standard which rotates every so often, and two, it’s usually cheaper and easier to get into than Legacy and Vintage. I say cheaper, but deck prices still range between $200 and $1500 (USD) or more.

Decks change all the time. The release of a new set or a ban announcement can change which cards or decks see play and some decks can even be rendered unplayable entirely. Some of the decks in this series may be old or contain banned cards, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them in casual games or use an existing shell to build a more current version, a budget version, or a version for another format. Click on a deck name below to get started. If you want to see a deck that isn’t listed yet, let me know in the comments.


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