Kruphix, God of Horizons

Kruphix, God of Horizons is the blue green God from our first visit to the plane of Theros. He is a 4/7 for 3 generic, 1 green, and 1 blue. Like the other Theros Gods, he is indestructible and is only a creature when your devotion to green and blue is seven or higher. He has two unique abilities; you have no maximum hand size and if unused mana would empty from your mana pool, that mana becomes colorless instead. Having no limit on the cards in your hand is nice, but it won’t exactly win you the game. Having 30 cards in hand while your opponents have 7 or less doesn’t really mean anything by itself if none of the cards can end the game. Kruphix’s second ability of unspent mana staying in your mana pool as colorless mana can be powerful. You might want to invest in a bunch of dice or some kind of counter(s) for this deck, something to keep track of that unspent mana. Green and blue will put a ton of lands into play. In fact, there is no reason why this color combination should ever miss a land drop. With access to all of that mana you can cast some very big spells.

If you are thinking Omniscience, which removes the need for spells, think again. While it is a very powerful enchantment, it defeats the purpose of having all of that mana in the first place. What good is it if you can’t use it? Besides it would be better to have spells that you can dump a ton of mana into, like spells with an X in their mana cost, and Omniscience doesn’t work with those spells. More on those later though. Starting out, you want to make sure you can get enough lands into play to get Kruphix, God of Horizons into play. Mana dorks, mana rocks, ramp spells, and draw spells should make up a big portion of the deck to make sure you will always be able to get more mana and cards. Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath is a great card that is making problems in Standard right now. Ramp spells that can get more than 2 lands out of the library like Cultivate are great in this deck. Sol Ring is of course a must, but you also want other artifacts that can make a lot of mana like Thran Dynamo. Mana dorks like Llanowar Elves are always helpful. You can also use lands that can generate more than one mana like the tron lands.

You can double up on these effects with Mana Reflection which says that when you tap a permanent for mana, it produces twice as much. Your mana dorks now tap for 2, your Sol Ring taps for 4 and if you can assemble tron, those lands can tap for 14. Add in a copy of Seedborn Muse and all of these permanents will untap during your opponents’ turns, meaning that you can tap them at your opponents’ end steps and as long as Kruphix, God of Horizons is in play, you can get a ton of mana for your next turn. If you have 10 mana sources on your turn and these first two cards in play and take the turn off, at your end step you can tap all of the sources and produce 20 mana. Since you untap during your opponents’ untap steps, you can tap your mana sources again during their end step generating 20 more mana per opponent’s turn. On your next turn, you have access to 100 mana. Let’s double the card draw while we are at it. Consecrated Sphinx and Rhystic Study. Now these don’t exactly double your card draw like the Mana Reflection doubles your mana, but over time they will add a lot of cards to your hand. So many cards in fact, that brings us to one of the win conditions, Laboratory Maniac.

With the amounts of mana you can generate you can put some eldrazi into this deck, especially those with the annihilator mechanic like Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre. You can also run some of the eldrazi from Battle for Zendikar as well. Hydras make great creatures for decks that are able to produce a ton of mana, especially when those Hydras have trample. Primordial Hydra is one of my favorites. Each turn, you double the number of +1/+1 counters on it and as long as it has 10 or more counters, it has trample. Hydroid Krasis comes with trample and flying as well as some card draw and life gain. This deck may seem low on creatures, so why not a big creature that can turn into lot of smaller creatures, Hangarback Walker. You can get this up to a 70/70 or something ridiculous and then when it gets destroyed you get that many 1/1 creatures that can easily get around most defenses and it’s death by tiny flying machines.

Now here is an interesting combo. Psychosis Crawler deals 1 damage to each opponent when you draw a card and Pull From Tomorrow lets you draw X cards. Since everyone starts at 40 life and decks that are 99 cards, if Pull from Tomorrow’s X = 30 or 40, that should be game over with the crawler in play. You could also use Stroke of Genius to force an opponent to draw their entire deck before their turn even begins in some instances. How does taking over the entire board with Mass Manipulation sound? Pretty busted, if you ask me. Helix Pinnacle basically says that if you can produce 100 mana, you win the game.

As far as protecting yourself and your stuff goes, you do have access to counter spells since you are in blue, but I’m going to go over a few different options. Propaganda will keep creature heavy decks at bay. Sandwurm Convergence will protect you and any planeswalkers you want to use from flying creatures and give you a 5/5 wurm every turn. Speaking of planeswalkers, if you can get Jace, Unraveler of Secrets to 8 loyalty, you can get an emblem that counters the first spell your opponents play each turn. Stormtide Leviathan basicaly floods the board. All lands gain the Island type, and creatures can’t attack unless they have flying or islandwalk.

Blue green is a color combination that really pushes a deck into overdrive in terms of drawing cards and mana production, both of which are very important aspects of Commander games. Kruphix, God of Horizons may not directly draw cards or help you ramp into lands like Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath or other cards do, but having no maximum hand size is nice and carrying leftover mana from turn to turn enables bigger spells as you collect more and more mana. That’s 3 of the original Theros gods down and 12 to go. Which one do you want to see next? Let me know in the comments down below.

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